When a car problem occurs, the first step is to trouble shoot the related system. Then, perform simple tests that can lead you to the cause of the malfunction and the repairs needed to correct the problem. Follow the "first thing to check" list and test by symptoms how to test for a problem, then execute the proper repair.
Engine Problems

Automotive Engine Problems

  • Engines often take a big beating. That's partly because they tend to be used in rugged conditions. They may power a chain saw, a go-kart, a leaf blower, or a dirt bike. So they may be exposed to dirt that clogs their air filters and moisture that corrodes their parts. They may be subjected to sudden accelerations or may be kept running at peak power for longer periods than they were designed.

    Here is all about the automobile engines that may help you to troubleshoot your problem or know more about your automotive engine.

  • Black smoke coming from exhaust while driving troubleshoot car
  • White smoke coming from exhaust while driving
  • Blue smoke coming from exhaust while driving
  • There is a "rotten egg" smell coming from my vehicle
  • Engine lacks power on both flat roads and hills car repair
  • Engine's power is fine on flat roads but weak on hills
  • When idling, the vehicle shakes like a tank car repair help
  • While accelerating, the vehicle hesitates and even jerks
  • Engine stalls while accelerating
  • Engine stalls while idling auto repair and car diagnosis
  • Engine stalls while driving
  • Engine makes pinging sound but only on uphill roads
  • Engine makes pinging sound on both flat and uphill roads
  • Engine starts to sound rough when I reach high speeds
  • Engine runs somewhat rough when idling auto repair for cars
  • Engine runs on for a few seconds after it is shut off
  • Engine backfires through tailpipe while driving
  • Ticking noise coming from the engine while it's running repairing cars
  • High pitched squeal coming from the engine while it's running
  • Engine runs normal but gas mileage is less than expected