Keeping your fluid levels topped off can save you time and money almost everytime. If your oil level went low it would pose a risk of engine damage. Same with the transmission fluid in regards to the transmission. Coolant, power steering and brake fluid as well. It is good to get in the habbit of checking the fluid levels at least once a month.

Checking your Car's Fluid Levels:

The Dipsticks can be easily identified by there apparent color.

  1. The Engine Oil Level Dipstick is Yellow.
  2. The Transmission Fluid Dipstick is Red.
Dipstick Location

How to Check your Coolant Level

- The best time to check your coolant level is when the engine has cooled down. Make sure the coolant level is at the "FULL COLD" mark. Do Not Over Fill or coolant will spill out when the engine gets warm. The level will change on its own when engine gets hot and cools.
Coolant Level

How to check your Brake Fluid

- With new brake pads the fluid level will be at "MAX" and when the pads are worn down and in need of replacement the fluid level will be at "MINIMUM". When the brake system is leaking fluid or when the pads are to low, then the Brake Light on the dash will illuminate.
Brake Fluid Level

How to check your Oil with the Dipstick

- Use the dipstick to gauge how much oil is in the engine. The marks may be dots or just "X" marks. the bottom of the marks indicate the engine oil level is one full quart low. Adding one quart of engine oil will bring it up to the full mark.
Oil Level Dipstick

How to check your Transmission Fluid Levelwith the Dipstick

- Only check the transmission fluid level with the engine running, in park and on a level surface. The low level mark on the dipstick indicates the fluid level is one half quart low. Do Not over fill the transmission fluid or damage may occur.
Transmission Fluid Level Dipstick

How to check your Power Steering Level with the Dipstick

- Check your power steering with the engine turned off. Make sure the fluid is at the "FULL COLD" mark. If it is lower then this, fill to this level. An indication of low fluid is a whining noise that worsens when turning the steering wheel when the engine is running.
Power Steering Level Dipstick