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When a car problem occurs, the first step is to trouble shoot the related system. Then, perform simple tests that can lead you to the cause of the malfunction and the repairs needed to correct the problem. Follow the "first thing to check" list and test by symptoms how to test for a problem, then execute the proper repair.

Carburetor repair

  • Your car's carburetor (if it has one, most recent cars are fuel injected) supplies the proper mixture of fuel and air to your engine. A defective carburetor can cause smelly exhaust, smoking, hard starting, and poor gas mileage.

    A carb works by the Venturi Principle: which basically means that if you pass air across a hole, a vacuum will be created in that hole. A carburetor has many carefully positioned holes which the air sucked in by the engine flows past. These holes are connected to the carburetor bowl, which is kept full of fuel by a float and needle valve. This valve and float shut off the pressurized fuel sent from the tank by the fuel pump. It works about the same way as a toilet tank valve. How much air flows by the venturi's is determined by the throttle plate, which restricts the airflow through the carb. At wide open throttle, all possible air is admitted through the carb, and maximum power is gotten from the engine.

    When an engine is cold it needs a richer (more fuel to air mix than usual) mixture to run correctly. Carburetors have a device called a Choke to accomplish this. The choke is like he throttle, except it is on the top rather than the bottom of the carb, and it closes when cold and opens when warm. When the choke is closed, it restricts the air entering the carb at the top, while the throttle still allows the same amount of air to go through the bottom. This means the same amount of fuel is sucked, but less air: so the mix is richer.

    This is a device in a gasoline engine. It vaporizes the gas and mixes it with a regulated amount of air that aids in efficient combustion in the engine cylinders. Land vehicles, boats, and light aircraft have a float carburetor, in which a float regulates the fuel level in a reservoir from which the fuel is continuously sucked into the intake manifold at a restriction called a venturi. The carburetor has been replaced by the fuel injection system in many modern vehicles.

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